Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Landlord Safety checks - from a plumber

In order for a landlord now-a-days to rent out their property they need the safety certificate for the boiler and Gas appliances.

These issues do not need to be complicated and expensive as a professional plumber can provide the landlord safety certificate after just one hours to two hours work.

Most landlord safety checks should not cost more than £60.00.

So for your landlord Safety check now check out the website.

Why not take advantage of our cheap boiler service now before winter is here and you are too late! Only £50.00 for a full service.

Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1994 (as amended) - all gas appliances must “be safe” - this is a legal requirement for all rented property and this needs to be done every 12 months.

This is what a Landlord safety certificate looks like.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

A day in the life of a plumber.

We have all seen or heard of  the movies and you can imagine that it sounds rather dirty and that is not from fiddling round the back of toilets! Well the truth of the matter is, well I can only speak for myself nothing like that! We here at Daden's dedicate ourselves to keeping the customer happy but we have to draw a line somewhere!

Today we meet with a client to discuss the installation of a new central heating system. First thing we do is ask the customer what preferences they have if any and what make and model of boiler that they would like if they know. Many customers will have an idea but will need some direction on what boiler or heating system will suit their needs for the best possible price.

The Second step is to find out what system they are using already and if need be the disposal of the old system. If the new system requires a internal pipe work system talk to the customer about the most feasible and beat route to run the pipe work where it will be the least noticeable but also the most effective.

We will then discuss the size of each radiator for each room and style of rad, this is important as we do not want to install a too large rad in a room as this is overkill and alternatively we do not want to install one that is not going to heat the room fully.

After this we will measure the run routes for all pipe work and by doing this we can accurately give the customer a quote, generally speaking we can purchase central heating packs that include all the necessary radiators and pipe work so most houses can all work on the same price unless the house is extremely large or requires a special boiler.

After this we will advise the customer where to look for other quotes, as we are very competitive in our pricing we are confident that they will not find a better value and if they do then we are prepared to discuss a price matching. To find us on Google search Plumbers in Chelmsford.

We mainly work around Chelmsford Essex and find we keep our customer happy as they return time and time again for boiler servicing and other plumbing jobs e.g. bathroom installs.

So there you go unfortunately a day in the life of a plumber is not the most exciting but we do try to make other peoples days better by giving them particularly good value for their hard earned cash!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Chelmsford Plumber, POWER FLUSHING why how and what good does it do?

POWER FLUSHING - why how and what good does it do?

All enclosed water systems such as central heating system will become dirty and eventually can cause blocking. This will stop the efficiency of your heating system.

If you heating system is not running to it's best possible effectiveness then it is costing you extra money and you are not getting full benefits from it.

Power flushing is a method that forces chemical cleaning agents round your heating network, helping to clean and allow free flowing of the water.

Power flushing should be considered if you have problems with your heating system for example.

  • Does your heating system take an age to heat up

  • Is there unusual noises coming from the pipe work or boiler

  • Radiators often need to be bleed as they are not heating up properly.

If you unsure if your system needs a power flush or if it would be a waste of money contact your local plumber and they will advise if it is necessary.
Plumber Chelmsford

Power flushing is a device that plugs into your heating system and plumbs water and chemicals. If is a very effective method to clear your heating system and a cheap way to keep
your heating system in good condition.

If you pipes are blocked or have limited flow then the boiler will have to work extra hard in order to push water through you blockages, which it turn will wear out your boiler much faster than that it should.

As a guide you will be looking at £35 to £40 per radiator for a whole system flush.

Chelmsford Plumber

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Boiler Servicing 5 Reasons

When you speak to most people about boiler servicing, the answer you will receive is I haven't had mine done in years!

This is an idea that you can save some money in these hard times by not spending out on having an extra cost added to your already tight budget. When in the long run or even short term you could be costing yourself a whole lot more extra money. To have a new boiler installation you could be talking up to £2500 depending on size and style.

These 5 reasons are why you should have your boiler serviced once a year

1. Most importantly to check that there are no gas leaks or any harmful Co2 leaks.
2. Economy - save your self money on Gas bills. Id your boiler is not running correctly it will pump too much gas into heating your water and there for you are receiving larger gas bills.
3. Seals check all seals and joints are OK and not in need of changing.
4. Pump make sure that the pump is working to its best level and not overworking.
5. piece of mind. It sounds silly but all summer long(hopefully) you will not turn on your heating system and when it comes to winter the last thing that you need to find out on the first frost of the year is that you have no heating!

Boiler servicing does not have to be expensive if you use the right company an average of £50.00 to about £70.00

Dadens plumbing and heating as of March 2012 is offering a boiler service for just £50.00 with all the marketing leading equipment and honest reassuring advice.

So don't leave it too late to find out your boiler needed servicing for your health's sake and also your financial well being. Its the old saying please excuse me for saying it "A stitch in time saves nine"

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Central Heating Chelmsford

Central Heating is exactly what is says on the tin! A heating system that is controller by one central device a boiler. It works by heating water then circulating that heated water round the house or office via pipe work into radiators.

So the main part of the whole central heating system is the boiler. There are a few different types of boilers available:

Combi boilers
This type of boiler heats the water up as it is required, example when you turn on the hot water tap the water goes straight from the mains through the combi boiler that heats the water then to the tap. This is also done whilst the boiler is supplying hot water for the central heating system. It does not store hot water so there is no need for a storage tank. This type of boiler is good for saving money as it is only in operation when required. It can be a problem though if the house has a poor water pressure or you have more than 2 main bathrooms in the house.

Systems or Open Vent
This ues a hot water storage tank to heat up the water at set times of the day and stores this water for your use when and as you need it.

So the first step to have a new central heating installation is decide what type of boiler you require. A good heating engineer will advise you of the best solution that suits.

Next is get a few quotes for the installation of your system an idea of how much it will cost is between £5k to £8K for a three to four bedroom house. Again this will vary depending on the central heating installation company you get a quote from.
MAKE SURE - that the company or installer is Gas safe registered previously know as Corgi registered.
Once you have agreed a quote get the installer to talk you through the installation process and make sure you tell them where you wish your pipe work to be run if feasible.

After the installation is complete have the heating engineer show you clearly how to use the system and sign off all the certificates for your new installation ie. Gas Safe checks and the boiler guarantee. Keep all these in a safe place as they will be very handy if you come to sell your property or have any issues with the installation.

For a free no obligation quote see Chelmsford central heating installation

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Plumbing and Heating Services

A House without centeral heating is not a comfortable place to live. When we first moved into our property in 2009, we only had storage heaters fitted in each room. The idea of storage heaters is to charge themselves up during the lower off peak electricity periods then realease that energy slowly during the day to provide heat. The biggest problem with this is by the time that you return home from work the engergy levels remaining in the storage heaters are running low not supplying much heat.So the search was on to find a Plumber Chelmsford.

We decided that we need to have Gas Centeral heating fitted in order to make our home more comfortable and not freeze under blankets every night in front of the TV.

We contact a few plumbing and heating companies in the Chelmsford area. We found Dadens Plumbing and heating from a friend. A Local Plumber in Chelmsford. very good price and excellent workmanship.

The Plumbing and Heating in Chelmsford company, we found to extremely professional and helpful making sure that they supplied us with all our needs. They also included a free powershower when fitting our new Valiant Gas boiler system.