Thursday, 24 May 2012

A day in the life of a plumber.

We have all seen or heard of  the movies and you can imagine that it sounds rather dirty and that is not from fiddling round the back of toilets! Well the truth of the matter is, well I can only speak for myself nothing like that! We here at Daden's dedicate ourselves to keeping the customer happy but we have to draw a line somewhere!

Today we meet with a client to discuss the installation of a new central heating system. First thing we do is ask the customer what preferences they have if any and what make and model of boiler that they would like if they know. Many customers will have an idea but will need some direction on what boiler or heating system will suit their needs for the best possible price.

The Second step is to find out what system they are using already and if need be the disposal of the old system. If the new system requires a internal pipe work system talk to the customer about the most feasible and beat route to run the pipe work where it will be the least noticeable but also the most effective.

We will then discuss the size of each radiator for each room and style of rad, this is important as we do not want to install a too large rad in a room as this is overkill and alternatively we do not want to install one that is not going to heat the room fully.

After this we will measure the run routes for all pipe work and by doing this we can accurately give the customer a quote, generally speaking we can purchase central heating packs that include all the necessary radiators and pipe work so most houses can all work on the same price unless the house is extremely large or requires a special boiler.

After this we will advise the customer where to look for other quotes, as we are very competitive in our pricing we are confident that they will not find a better value and if they do then we are prepared to discuss a price matching. To find us on Google search Plumbers in Chelmsford.

We mainly work around Chelmsford Essex and find we keep our customer happy as they return time and time again for boiler servicing and other plumbing jobs e.g. bathroom installs.

So there you go unfortunately a day in the life of a plumber is not the most exciting but we do try to make other peoples days better by giving them particularly good value for their hard earned cash!

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