Thursday, 15 September 2011

Plumbing and Heating Services

A House without centeral heating is not a comfortable place to live. When we first moved into our property in 2009, we only had storage heaters fitted in each room. The idea of storage heaters is to charge themselves up during the lower off peak electricity periods then realease that energy slowly during the day to provide heat. The biggest problem with this is by the time that you return home from work the engergy levels remaining in the storage heaters are running low not supplying much heat.So the search was on to find a Plumber Chelmsford.

We decided that we need to have Gas Centeral heating fitted in order to make our home more comfortable and not freeze under blankets every night in front of the TV.

We contact a few plumbing and heating companies in the Chelmsford area. We found Dadens Plumbing and heating from a friend. A Local Plumber in Chelmsford. very good price and excellent workmanship.

The Plumbing and Heating in Chelmsford company, we found to extremely professional and helpful making sure that they supplied us with all our needs. They also included a free powershower when fitting our new Valiant Gas boiler system.

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  1. These are good decisions. Living without heaters during winter can cause hypothermia and the same with very hot seasons where there are heat waves.
    I myself had also decided to use heating services edmonton to install central heating in my house as I cannot bear the chilling and freezing months of winter.