Saturday, 24 September 2011

Central Heating Chelmsford

Central Heating is exactly what is says on the tin! A heating system that is controller by one central device a boiler. It works by heating water then circulating that heated water round the house or office via pipe work into radiators.

So the main part of the whole central heating system is the boiler. There are a few different types of boilers available:

Combi boilers
This type of boiler heats the water up as it is required, example when you turn on the hot water tap the water goes straight from the mains through the combi boiler that heats the water then to the tap. This is also done whilst the boiler is supplying hot water for the central heating system. It does not store hot water so there is no need for a storage tank. This type of boiler is good for saving money as it is only in operation when required. It can be a problem though if the house has a poor water pressure or you have more than 2 main bathrooms in the house.

Systems or Open Vent
This ues a hot water storage tank to heat up the water at set times of the day and stores this water for your use when and as you need it.

So the first step to have a new central heating installation is decide what type of boiler you require. A good heating engineer will advise you of the best solution that suits.

Next is get a few quotes for the installation of your system an idea of how much it will cost is between £5k to £8K for a three to four bedroom house. Again this will vary depending on the central heating installation company you get a quote from.
MAKE SURE - that the company or installer is Gas safe registered previously know as Corgi registered.
Once you have agreed a quote get the installer to talk you through the installation process and make sure you tell them where you wish your pipe work to be run if feasible.

After the installation is complete have the heating engineer show you clearly how to use the system and sign off all the certificates for your new installation ie. Gas Safe checks and the boiler guarantee. Keep all these in a safe place as they will be very handy if you come to sell your property or have any issues with the installation.

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