Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Boiler Servicing 5 Reasons

When you speak to most people about boiler servicing, the answer you will receive is I haven't had mine done in years!

This is an idea that you can save some money in these hard times by not spending out on having an extra cost added to your already tight budget. When in the long run or even short term you could be costing yourself a whole lot more extra money. To have a new boiler installation you could be talking up to £2500 depending on size and style.

These 5 reasons are why you should have your boiler serviced once a year

1. Most importantly to check that there are no gas leaks or any harmful Co2 leaks.
2. Economy - save your self money on Gas bills. Id your boiler is not running correctly it will pump too much gas into heating your water and there for you are receiving larger gas bills.
3. Seals check all seals and joints are OK and not in need of changing.
4. Pump make sure that the pump is working to its best level and not overworking.
5. piece of mind. It sounds silly but all summer long(hopefully) you will not turn on your heating system and when it comes to winter the last thing that you need to find out on the first frost of the year is that you have no heating!

Boiler servicing does not have to be expensive if you use the right company an average of £50.00 to about £70.00

Dadens plumbing and heating as of March 2012 is offering a boiler service for just £50.00 with all the marketing leading equipment and honest reassuring advice.

So don't leave it too late to find out your boiler needed servicing for your health's sake and also your financial well being. Its the old saying please excuse me for saying it "A stitch in time saves nine"


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